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A Few Random Things

Hey anyone still on LJ, Happy New Year! *confetti*

I just wanted to drop by and mention a few fandom notes, if anyone sees this.

DeviantART -had so much fun with this! I'm not an artist but figured why not? The first thing I did was Rinoa as a mermaid, I'll paste that below. I'm working a series of pictures of Rinoa and Squall in different eras. Right now, the only ones I have up would be 1910s (Rinoa in the Gibson Girl style) Those are at my DA account if you want to look. They're scary, but I'm learning. I'm not an artist by nature, so taking a little getting used to. Also for those who do art, CCM is growing (Chocobo-Cactuar-Mogs OH MY!) For anybody who does are, January's theme is "Snow and/or colors" February is harts/love/Valentine's... you get the idea!

Ashbear Facebook Community  starting this Sunday evening (Eastern) I'm going to start listing all the Final Fantasy updates of those who are following the community - any Final Fantasy, not just VIII. It will include ffnet, A03, LJ, YouTube, DeviantART etc. So if you follow and update anything, anywhere, just leave me a message there. More detailed information can be found at the stickied-note on the top. I think, we'll get into a pattern - I've already had a few people send me updates from this week, I think it's going to go well, hopefully!

After the Fall: Still working on it, a few chapters from the end. It's hard to believe, but working on that in between the FBI AU I started. I really, need to do Endless Waltz, I'm just not sure how many are still following, but it will get done. Promise (Everything, will eventually get done. Slowly, but surely.

Where I Belong: Inspired six of us are still plugging away at the stories and having so much fun. Because of time, holidays, and health issues of a few people, we've extended it. It's now more about word count. It's been so fun, so stop by and read the stories by the ones taking part! Click below to see the stories/summaries and the pencil version of Rinoa as a mermaid. :)

Art (Rinoa as a mermaid) and WiBi storiesCollapse )

A quick shout and writing updates. ;)

I know, been forever but wanted to drop by and say a quick hello. I’m honestly not sure if anyone is still on LiveJournal, but thought I’d give it a try. *waves*

Randomness is random....Collapse )

Where I Belong: Inspired – Author Participation List

Alessia Heartilly

  • Title: The Winter Rose (Italian - La rosa d'inverno)
  • Summary: AU, very very very slightly inspired by "Sleeping Beauty" fairytale. (Summary will be redon


  • Title: The Meaning of Resistance
  • Summary: AU. When the world forgets you've ever existed, the memories they shared under the stars remains. Rinoa becomes a key witness to a trial, placed in Squall and Seifer's protective custody. When it ends, so begins the new life they've assigned to her.


  • Title: Future Says Run
  • Summary: Still suffering the effects of a sorceress's cruelty from long ago, humanity has learned to adapt to this altered reality where loved ones' lives can be irrevocably shattered without warning. Rinoa Heartilly thought she'd been more than acquainted with the unfairness of this life, but little did she know it was only the beginning.


  • Title: What Happens in Esthar...
  • Summary: (AU. Romance / Humor) Rinoa gets a gift trip to an exclusive resort spa in Esthar that caters only to women...and offers more than the usual fare of wellness, skincare and beauty...it also offers the services of its male concierges for those women who are so inclined. in short, its a brothel for women...and Squall is on the menu...

Summoner Luna

  • Title: The Successor
  • Summary: It is what they dreamed of, and what they feared. It is what they never expected they would live to see happen. Now, there is only the question: was it worth the price they paid? -SquallxRinoa, the succession, and the myth of life according to plan.


  • Title: Waltzing in the Rain
  • Summary: (Romance /Fantasy) It all started with a simple birthday request, but by the end of the weekend it had grown into something life changing. At Rinoa's insistence, Squall travels up to Esthar to spend some 'quality' time with Laguna. What ends up happening is nothing any of them could've predicted. Bridges are mended, relationships are healed, and when it's all said and done, wedding bells will ring!

Last Push for "Where I Belong" entries!

This is officially the last call* for all those taking part in the “Where I Belong” Challenge. We have over 100 entries in all mediums! Let's hit a record submission count today!

22.5 HOURS TO GET SUBMISSIONS IN! (We're going on Pacific Time) Remember to 'submit' your entries by letting us know at one of the following three places:

Fanfiction.net WiB Forum: http://www.fanfiction.net/topic/111506/67876451/1/
Live Journal: http://whereibelong823.livejournal.com/1068.html
DeviantART group for Art: http://wib-challenge-group.deviantart.com/

 Or check out the master list: http://whereibelong823.livejournal.com/1677.html

*For those that found there stories were not possible to write in a month; we are starting a NaNo-type challenge. Sign ups begin tonight. I'll put the official post up at the forum this evening with the wrap-up information. Unlike Nano, we have layered goals that start at 20,000 words.

Stress is "teh ebil."

I'm managing to survive the month so far. I'm so far behind on everything, I'm hopefully going to get caught up this weekend.

Anyways, I posted my first fanfiction (and at this rate, the only ~_^ ) if you feel like reading, I'd be thankful, but hopefully stop by and read a few more when you're there. This is why I'm so totally inscure on my writing, but I still have fun, that's what matters.

The story is 'where silence has lease' and it's both on ffnet and Archive of Our Own.

Maybe if you stop by A03, check out the pieces and give a quick 'kudos.' Some of these people it's their first fic and we want to do what we can to encourage them. It's one button and it's easy and these writers have worked amazingly hard. ;)

Submissions Master List

Originally posted by wib_mod at Submissions Master List
Here is the master list of all submissions for the challenge. I wanted everyone to have a chance to bookmark this. We'll be adding to it daily - so watch for submissions! I know there are a few missing as of right this second, but we try to catch up once or twice a day. Also, make sure to check out the works-in-progress section to follow. PasifKSTaR is back after a very long hiatus in the FFVIII fandom. *small party*

Remember to join the whereibelong823  LJ community  and follow up-to-date submissions on the WiB twitter feed.

~* Where I Belong - Master List *~

Links will be posted by category, and then listed by author, title, rating (if it is provided), and where the submission is posted. I went ahead and split art into two categories, so "Icons/Graphic Art" is more for icons, banners, wallpaper, etc... Things that are specifically stated as for computers/websites. "Art" is all other categories.

This is really old so just giving you the link to the final Master List.

New Squall / Rinoa Community!

Hey, I'll write more later, but as we're getting ready for the "Where I Belong" challenge, we opened up a LJ community that will house the master list of all the works between all sites  - ffnet, Ao3, DeviantART, Youtube, etc. This will be the easiest way to get the clickable links. I'll give you some quick information below, but even if you can't participate in the challenge due to time constraints, it would be great to join to support fellow Final Fantasy VIII writers. ;)

Quick Info for challenge (& more)

LiveJournal "Where I Belong" community - Please join, we'd love everyone to support the FFVIII community.

DeviantART Where I Belong group - Artwork, icons, poetry and drabbles will be posted, but talk with other authors.

WiB Twitter Feed - this is where each item will be sent out with its own link no matter the archive!

Main Forum @ffnet
- Again, even if you can't do WiB stop by, say hello, or talk about writing.

Facebook Event 

Also, for the record my Ashbear Twitter & Facebook Community (with pictures of the 'real' Maude ~_^)

Remember, the Where I Belong Squall & Rinoa challenge starts in about twenty days- August 1st until August 31st. So get writing/drawing/vidding/icon-ing/craft-ing/ well, basically anything creative with an 'ing' on the end. If you haven't heard about it, there's still plenty of time as we want to get as many writers/artists/etc from across the internet as we can. I'll link the information at the bottom, but it's not about coming back to the fandom forever; it's about returning for one month and catching up and meeting both new and older writers that might not have had a chance to ever speak with. It's basically like a "Family Reunion" where we can put the negative parts of the past behind us, concentrating on the positive aspects that drew us to the game in the first place. ~_^

And truly, I can't believe the response of those interested in returning. It's amazing to re-connect with people from my early days. Off the top of my head, here's just a few of the 1st and 2nd generation authors (1999-2002ish) that have stopped by our ffnet forum in the last three weeks - Wayward Tempest, Caleb Nova, Larathia, Noacat , Kate Lorraine, Lady Raion, PasficKStaR, Rosa Heartilly, and Optical Goddess. There have been several also that have PM'd me or contacted me on other sites (Prodigy, Cobray, Vick330) and I'm sure I left some of you off, feel free to yell at me as I blame the old age...and having two teenage children and three cats who are plotting to take over the world on cardboard box at a time.

Still, this is about bringing all the 'generations' together for one month - to write, to draw, or to do whatever you'd like! Even if you've never written before, this is the time. Part of our goal is support each other, by encouraging with feedback and free ponies... okay, maybe not free ponies. Please, please think about taking part and stopping by the forum to introduce yourself. For me, it's so amazing to see people from over the last ten years come back and younger kids who found the game through some of SquareEnix's crossover games. It's fun, plus we have random topics...and strange obsessions with honey badgers. Don't ask. Really.

The guidelines are posted in a few places, but the main ones are on LiveJournal and this one at the Where I Belong forum on ffnet. And this is the introduction thread at ffnet; so please stop by and say hello if you haven't.

Also, just one more as the links should be posted at the forum/guidelines but you can also you can RSVP to the Facebook event. We've partnered with a few  sites, so we're hoping to get a fairly large response for 13/14 year old fandom. Alessia Heartilly started an Ashbear Facebook community page, but I'm actually posting there too, so you can see latest stuff. Stuff is good!

Oh oops, almost forgot - Niqsta set up a twitter feed; ALL stories/art will be tweeted by itself with links - as the challenge will included ffnet, A03, LJ, Dreamwidth, DeviantART, and youtube. (It really is all-inclusive, I promie) so this way you can keep up, but don't worry, we'll also have a master link updated daily with links too. But again follow the "Where I Belong Twitter" and I also opened it one as ashbearVIII, but there are so many '@' it's confusiong! But darn it, I'll get it.... and please help spread the word on the challenge! Now as I must take a nap as I'm vera tired. ;)

EditThe "Where I Belong" challenge has officially begun as of August 1st, 2012.

For more information on LJ, please visit our community whereibelong823.
Question and Answers give you information on how to submit and here is the complete quick-link guide.
Finally, the Fanfiction.net forum has lots of information and random conversation!

Hello everyone! I didn't realize how long I've been away from LiveJournal and I'm sorry for the absence. That hopefully makes this announcement even more memorable. ~_^ 

This August, to celebrate Squall's birthday, we have decided to make his present one that's difficult for even him to return -a month-long Rinoa and Squall fandom challenge! (He truly is impossible to buy for... it tends to go badly for all parties involved.) Over the last decade many authors, artists, and even readers have drifted away from the fandom - it's only natural - people change, fandoms change, and things that you may have enjoyed in your free time might no longer be a priority.

Here's where the challenge starts! It's is not about bringing people back to the fandom to stay; this is simply about encouraging everyone to return to the roots of something we all enjoyed. It is also important to help the new  authors/artists gain the confidence to post/draw/etc. We all had to start somewhere and for a lot of us it was in Final Fantasy VIII's little corner of the 'net. 

Why Rinoa and Squall? Well, at one point, we were a close-knit group. Another reason? Romance was one of the most important aspects to FFVIII's designers - it remained a key, pivitol aspect through the entire game and to the franchise.  To be clear - this challenge is about the relationship between Rinoa and Squall in a positive light. Yes, we easily can say that there were holes in the story, but that's what fan-created works do - give one a chance to explore.

We understand that everyone's tastes differ and there maybe interest in exploring other characters in the future. But for now, the "Where I Belong" challenge is designed with a single ideal - to explore the canon romance. We'll need help in spreading the word for the upcoming challenge. 

Though you may think of this as a family or class reunion of sorts, we encourage everyone to take part.  It doesn't matter if it's your first story/piece of art or your hundred and first - you are part of the challenge!

Again, this is open to  all - writers, artists, icon makers, fanvid-ers, audio programs users, you name it, as long as it's Squall and Rinoa centric - we want to include it.

The following list has been taken from the Where I Belong forum at ffnet. We will update this entry and also its mirror at DW.

Where I Belong - August 2012 ChallengeCollapse )

A special thank you...

Over the holidays I was going through a hard time. One of my readers, Summoner Luna, sent me a Christmas Present. She made me a scarf with Griever on it and also a soundtrack. The CD was inspired by my writing and is absolutely wonderful (as is the scarf!) she has made the play-list available to everyone. The title "Calling the Wind" is a reference to Somewhere in Between.

I'm posting this here, so please feel free to check out her work. Thank you again.

The picture of the scarf and CD can be found on the Ashbear Facebook here.
The play-list tracks can be found on her Live Journal here.